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Agrosynth Chemicals Limited was established in the year 1978 and are since then one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminium Phosphide (fumigant) under the brand name SYNFUME and Zinc Phosphide (rodenticide) under the brand name SYNPHOS.

SYNFUME - Aluminium Phosphide is used as a fumigant for various kinds of storage pests. It is used to control infestation in grains, flour, processed food and other stored commodities. The mode of action of SYNFUME is by inhalation, hence correct fumigation procedures and safety measures should be adopted.

SYNPHOS - Zinc Phosphide is a time-tested rodenticide. Its mode of action is by ingestion and it is specially processed for use in baits as a single dose poison. SYNPHOS is intensely poisonous hence its method of application and other safety aspects should be scrupulously followed.

The plant is situated on sylvan surroundings. The location of the plant is around 40 Km from Bangalore city and has been intentionally chosen away from densely inhabited areas considering both the nature of the product and the most conducive environment for their production.

The management of the company is undertaken by qualified personnel under the aegis of the Chairman and Managing Director Mr. VM. Rajen. The functions of the company are divided into various professionally managed departments. Quality Management Systems are based on the requirements stipulated under ISO 9001-2000 standards, certification was awarded by TUV Rheinland (Germany) in April 2002 and was retained till 2008. The Department of Industries, Government of India, has also awarded Agrosynth with the prestigious National Award for Quality Products

The philosophy of the company is pro-environment, customer-focus and safe-practices. This is evident from the choice of the products, to the design of the plant and safe production processes among other aspects. In view of the commitment to continual improvement, we are in the process of obtaining certification for our Environmental Management System, in conformity to ISO 14001 & safe practices in conformity to OSHAS 18001.

SYNFUME and SYNPHOS are well established in both national and international markets . In India we cater to the requirements of Mega government corporations such as Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporations, State Warehousing Corporations and various other marketing federations apart from catering to a large clientele in the private market. The products are also being exported to countries such as Argentina, Iraq, Australia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Uganda, Singapore, Yemen, Ukraine, Nepal, Bangladesh and Taiwan.

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