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SYNFUME - Aluminium Phosphide
Safety Precautions
Fumigation Procedures
Storage & Disposal
SYNPHOS - Zinc Phosphide
Safety Precautions
Method of Application
Storage & Disposal
Antidote and medicinal treatment
   If all instructions are carefully followed there is no danger in the use of SYNFUME tablets. However, in case of accidental  poisoning,  as soon as the first symptoms such as nausea, headache, vomitting sensation, giddiness or blurred vision are noticed, the person should be carried out into the open.
Skin contamination
01. Drench the skin with running water
02. Apply a stream of water on affected part while removing clothing.
03. Cleanse skin thoroughly with water. Rapid washing is most important in reducing the extent of the injury.
Eye contamination
01. Hold eyelids open & wash  eyes with a gentle stream of running water immediately. Delay of a few seconds       increases the extent of the injury.
02. Continue washing until the physician arrives.
03. Do not apply chemicals as they may increase the extent of the injury.
Accidental swallowing
01. Remove poison by gastric lavage with 5 to 10 litres of tap water.
02. If gastric  tube  is  not  immediately available, administer one  liter  of  water  and follow it up by stimulation of       vomiting. Repeat atleast three times.
03. Give 120 ml of  mineral  oil  followed  by  30 gram of Sodium sulphate dissolved in 250 ml (one cup) of water.       Repeat after two hours.
04. Give copper sulphate solution  before  emetic. Also  30  grams  of milk of magnesia or beaten whites of 2 to 3       eggs. Avoid fats and oils. Give 1 : 5000 Pottassium permanganate solution diluted in water.
    The following measures are suggested for use by the physician in accordance with his own judgment :
    Treatment with oxygen  breathing  equipment is recommended, along with administration of a cardiac tonic and a drug to  stimulate  blood  circulation. Under  certain  circumstances  blood transfusions are indicated or infusion of isotonic  saline  or  glucose  into  the blood  system. In  case  of  pulmonary  oedema,  a  hypertonic solution of glucose should be injected.
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