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SYNFUME - Aluminium Phosphide
Safety Precautions
Fumigation Procedures
Storage & Disposal
SYNPHOS - Zinc Phosphide
Safety Precautions
Method of Application
Storage & Disposal
Safety Precautions
01. Open SYNFUME container just prior to fumigation and only in open air or well ventilated places.
02. Seal the remaining tablets in the original container with adhesive tape.
03. Keep the containers under safe custody and in a cool, dry place when not in use. Keep away from flame       and inflammable materials.
04. SYNFUME is to be handled by trained personnel or under their supervision.
05. Close all doors and windows after the tablets have been distributed.
06. Keep gas masks handy for emergencies.
07. Wear gas masks while opening windows or removing sheets after fumigation.
08. Adhere to minimum exposure time as tablets still decomposing can endanger operator.
09. Display warning notices at prominent places during fumigation.
10. Do not smoke, drink or eat while handling SYNFUME. Wear gloves and avoid direct contact with the tablets.
11. Do not inhale even a small quantity of phosphine gas as it is highly toxic.
12. Do not enter a room under fumigation without wearing a gas mask.
13. Evacuate all inhabitants including pets before fumigating a buliding.
14. Preferably evacuate all inhabitants from bulidings adjoining a warehouse under fumigation.
15. SYNFUME should never be brought into contact with water or any liquid.
16. Wash exposed parts of the body with soap and water after fumigation.
17. Never fumigate alone.
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