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    Agrosynth  Chemicals  Limited,  manufactures of Aluminium Phosphide and Zinc Phosphide, have always had protection of the environment as its basic philosophy. Both  the  products  have  been  tested  over  time  and   are  found  to  be   environmental  friendly.  On  hydrolysis  and  reaction  with  acids, respectively,  Aluminium  Phosphide  and  Zinc  Phosphide,  release  Phosphine  gas  which  is  a  non-ozone  depleting  agent. Phosphine reacts with HO* radicals in the atmosphere  to  form  hypo-phosphites,  which  get  deposited  on the soil and enhances its nutritiveness . The residue  after  hydrolysis of aluminum phosphide consists of aluminium hydroxide, which is harmless to the environment.
    The manufacturing process has also been so designed as to be completely non-polluting. An indigenously designed dual scrubber system ensures that no  air is allowed  to  the atmosphere without being thoroughly scrubbed. The quality of air regarding the SPM levels etc. are monitored on a regular basis, both in-house  and  by a certified  third party. Cyclone  dust  collectors have been installed in various production areas to maintain a dust free atmosphere. The areas containing asbestos roofing have also been painted with non-toxic red oxide paint to eliminate asbestos dust in the atmosphere.
    The  manufacturing  process  as  such,  does  not  require  any  water. The  water  utilization  is  mainly  in  the  scrubbing  system. The  scrubbed  gas (phosphorus  pentoxide) is  converted  into  phosphoric  acid,  which  is  sold  as a by-product. Any balance water from the scrubber is treated in an ETP (Effluent  Treatment  Plant) and  is  then  used  for  gardening. This  results  in complete  recycling  of  the  resources  and  also  ensures that no effluents are discharged  into  the  soil  or any water source. Rain water harvesting has been done in all buildings of the plant in order to replenish ground water levels, ensure  minimal  natural  water  wastage and also to improve soil moisture and quality of water. This methodology of manufacturing is so designed that there are no effluents or hazardous wastes generated, thus making it very environmental friendly unit.
    Agrosynth is committed to a green  policy. It has been a concentrated effort of the management together with the employees to keep the working area as well  as  the  surrounding  areas  as  clean  and  green  as  possible. The plant which is spread over 5 acres has more than half its area dedicated to various types of plants and trees. These include  many species  of  medicinal plants, red-listed  plants  and  aromatic  plants. A 20,000  sq. feet  herbal  garden  in  which  plants  such  as  Aloe  vera, Ashwagandha,  Brahmi,  Tulsi,  Long pepper,  Malabar nut,  Indian  Indigo, Java galangal, Henna etc. are grown. Another  7000  sq ft is  being  used  as  a  vegetable  garden  where  Carrot,  Cabbage, Tomato, Brinjal, Radish, Spinach, Lady's finger and other seasonal vegetables are grown and consumed in the Agrosynth canteen . This concentrated effort on keeping a green atmosphere  in  and  around  the  unit  has been  possible through building awareness among all the employees towards the importance of a healthy environment.
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