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Agrosynth Chemicals was established in the year 1978. It was incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd company in 1989 and converted to a Public Ltd firm in the year 1995 . The share holding is closely held amongst the promoters of the company, thereby is not listed on the stock exchange.

The Company falls under the category of Small Scale Industry (SSI). The Authorized Equity Share Capital of the company is Rs.595 lakhs (approx USD 1.2 million). The Preference Share Capital is Rs.5 lakhs, (approx USD 10,000) .The Company has no external borrowings and has attained self-sufficiency through its internal accruals.

The management of the company is by qualified professionals under the aegis of Mr. VM. Rajen. The quality management system of the company has been certified under ISO 9001:2000 by TUV Rhineland in the year 2002 and retained till 2008. Agrosynth is known for its strict quality control systems and has received the National Award for Quality Products from the Government of India.

The plant is situated around 40kms from Bangalore city in the state of Karnataka, India. The location is ideally suited for the manufacture of its chosen products. The factory has a congenial atmosphere as it is surrounded by open fields which form a part of the green belt in the region. The location of the plant has been intentionally chosen since it is away from densely inhabited areas and also to provide rural employment.

Agrosynth Chemicals are manufacturers of Aluminium Phosphide (fumigant) and Zinc Phosphide (rodenticide) under the brand name SYNFUME and SYNPHOS respectively. For the last quarter of a century Agrosynth has been one of the major suppliers to the various departments of the Government of India such as Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporation among others.

Apart from its domestic clientele the company has a strong presence in the export market having supplied its products to Australia, Argentina, Jordan, Syria, Denmark, Turkey to name a few. At present the production capacity is 150MT of Aluminium Phosphide and 50MT of Zinc Phosphide per month. To ensure continuous monitoring of the process it has a fully qualified Quality Assurance Department. The laboratory is well equipped with a GLC, Spectrometers, Gas Flow meters and Phosphine detection meters.

Agrosynth is well aware of its responsibilities to the environment. The management has taken all precautions in the manufacturing process to ensure that at no stage does the air, land, water or any natural resources get polluted. Carrying out regular certified third party audits doubly ensures this aspect. The company has a dual scrubbing system wherein the gas, mainly phosphorous pentoxide is thoroughly washed. The resultant phosphoric acid is collected in the scrubber tank. On achieving the desired concentration levels it is filtered through nutch and duplex filters and stored in leak proof tanks. This filtered phosphoric acid is then commercially sold. Balance liquids, if any, are treated in the ETP (effluent treatment plant) and used for fertilization inside the premises. The company ensures that the entire process is carried out without polluting the atmosphere. The quality of air and the sound levels are monitored on a daily basis. Also the entire manufacturing process is so designed that there are no hazardous wastes generated. As a continued improvement measure the company is now preparing for certification under ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

To maintain a congenial green atmosphere within the factory premises over 250 varieties of herbal plants have been planted throughout the unit. These contain plants such as Aloe vera, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Neem, Brahmi, Trailing eclipta, Malabar nut, Datura, Henna, Adamant creeper, Java galangal, Indian Indigo, Arrowroot, Clitoria, Hibiscus etc. The premises also contain numerous trees of Mango, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Neem, Jack, Bellaric myrobalan etc. In an effort to conserve the natural water resources the company employs rain water harvesting techniques in its plant. This helps improve soil moisture, increases ground water levels and improves quality of water.

Agrosynth employs both skilled and semi-skilled variety. The company prides itself in providing its employees the best possible safe practices and a healthy work ethos. All production areas are provided with ample air circulation, plenty of workspace and sufficient ventilation and natural lighting. The employees are all provided with the necessary safety equipment, periodic free health checkups and numerous other facilities. Regular training sessions and mock fire drills are held to ensure that the entire work forces are aware of their responsibilities. All senior personnel are sent for upgrading their skills on a regular basis. The company is in the process of certifying its systems through OSHAS 18001 certification.

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